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Santa Barbara And Los Angeles Faux Painters

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Faux Painters Santa Barbara & Los Angeles

Add color and character to your walls, furniture, and cabinets by faux painting finishing. If you live in Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks or Los Angeles give us a call.


Call Faux Painting Company to help you expand your concept of color decorating by applying combinations of color, glazes, translucent color washes using different applications techniques called faux painting or finishing. Faux finishes, not only change the look of a room or woodwork with color, but they also add texture and pattern for a unique look.


Faux painting is a decorative painting process that mimics marble, wood, stone, and weather surfaces, by using different applications techniques, combination of colors and translucent glazes. But in modern times faux painting has evolved into encompassing newer color decorating finishes. Faux Painting Co. by Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara can help you with ideas in your decorative painting project. Call for your free consultation and quote.


There is no limit on the different faux finishes that can be done, if you have the right specialty faux painter. And yes Faux Painting Company has the right experience decorative painters. Richard is a master decorative faux painter. Richard natural creativity and understanding on how glazes, solvents, and paint work together, gives him the knowledge on how to

manipulate different applications and glazes, to create a wide range of decorative custom faux finishes.


And lastly, a really important and difficult part when mixing  different  materials for glaze finishes, is not to compromise the durability of the finish coat. So in other words anything can be mix or done in the effort of creating a decorative coating, as long as you end up with a similar tough long lasting coating like in a conventional paint finish. Especially in bathrooms, cabinets, and exterior surfaces. That's an other reason to call Faux Painting of Santa Barbara, to make sure that you do get a long lasting custom faux finish.

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