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Camarillo and Ventura Venetian Plaster and Faux Panting

Ventura, CA Venetian plaster
Camarillo Venetian plasters

Ventura & Camarillo Venetian Plaster

  • Affordable Venetian plaster work

  • Many different techniques

  • Free consultation on your project

Venetian Plaster is an old world decorative plaster that was made popular in the Italian Renaissance. Venetian plaster renders a elegant look of polish marble and natural stone to a ceiling or walls of any home. We offer customers of Ventura and Camarillo a wide range of Venetian plaster and Marmorino plaster finishes. 

Venetian Plaster Aplicators In Camarillo and Ventura

Venetian plastering is a skilled trade and an art form. Yet, the work is very labor intensive. It requires a lot of hard work and skill to achieve a high polish finish like-marble. For this type of plastering work, a Faux Painting Company or Plastering Company is need it. Richard is train in the art of Venetian plaster application. Richard is committed to his craftsmanship and providing attention and great service to customer how are looking for Venetian plaster work in Camarillo, Ventura and Ojai, CA. Make an appointment and we can show you samples of some of the Venetian plaster work that we done.

Can I Afford Venetian Plaster?

If you are in a tight budget and you wish to implement this beautiful polish plaster to your home decor, but you think you can't afford it? No problem, we can help you we that. Also, sometimes less is more. So maybe applying Venetian plaster to a fire place or accenting one wall can be more than enough to give it that glamorous design to your home. Also We can use affordable synthetic Venetian plaster to help you out. For more information call us or send us a text message (805)4531802.

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Venetian plaster color gray
Lustersone plaster on walls
Ventura and Camarillo Faux Painting Services
Faux painter Malibu and Bel Air
faux painting company in Santa Barbara
Ventura and Camarillo Faux Painting Company

Faux painting is a way to add color and character to your walls, furniture, and cabinets. If you live in Ventura or Camarillo contact us for a free consultation. There is no limit on the different faux finishes that can be done, if you have the right specialty faux painter. And yes Faux Painting Company has the right experience decorative painters. Richard is a master decorative faux painter. Richard creativity and understanding on how glazes, solvents, and paint work together, gives him the knowledge on how to manipulate different applications and glazes, to create a wide range of decorative faux finishes.


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