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Decorative Painting Services In Thousand Oaks & Santa Barbara Areas

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Venetian Plaster in Santa Monica
Faux Painting Services

Give your walls an old world finish with one of our many faux painting techniques. Some customers will never play with the idea of having this beautiful finishes on their home. Why? Thy believe that this type of decorative painting is too expensive for them. But we do great artistic decorative faux painting at low prices. Our low price faux painting services we bring to the homeowners inThaousand Oaks and Santa Barbara areas.

Venetian Plaster Services
Are you tire of your boring plain white ceilings or ugly color on your walls. No problem. Add a marble look to your ceilings or walls with a venetian plastering finish. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home then Venetian plastering your home is the solution. We provide venetian plaster work to the fallowing cities: Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills Venetian Plasters.
Fine Art Trompe l'oeil & Mural Services

Add a mural of a sunset or a summer sky to your ceiling or have your favorite art-painting done on one of your house walls as a mural.  Or add a realistic-illusion to your furniture with trompe l'oeil painting. Or if you just want a piece of art finish to hang in your home we can painted for you. We paint artistic finishes in Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and West Los Angeles.

Metal Patina Faux Fineshes

Have you ever wonder how your wood kitchen cabinets would look if they were made of copper, or weather metal baseboards? This types of rustic weather metal finishes are great for accent finishes. 

Wood Graining Faux Painting 

Make your boring drywall or plaster beams standout by faux-wood grain painting. 

Marbleizing Faux Painting 

muralist in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles
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