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Venetian Plaster Q and A

Faux Venetian Plaster Questions & Answers

Can you paint over Venetian Plaster?

Yes. Prep the walls and applied a coat of primer and then paint. But if the Venetian plaster has a wax on it, is requires more prepping. 

Do you provide board samples?

Yes. We provide 3 free board samples on decorative finishes. We do not charge the cost of labor on the first 3 board samples. 

What type of Venetian plaster do you use?

We like to use premium authentic lime and marble base Venetian Plaster products. But sometimes when a client is in a tight budget we use more economical synthetic Venetian plaster mixes. 

Venetian plaster cost?

Decorative plaster finish is something everyone likes, but yet most people do not have it in their homes. Their is a reason why. Venetian plaster application is not cheap. The labor is a hard skill craft and the materials are expensive. But don't get discourage if you are in a low budget, call us and we can discuss your project and figure out a way to bring elegance to your home with some Venetian plaster.

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