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Venetian Plaster Services in Santa Barbara

Venetian plaster is an old European decorative plaster finish. Venetian plaster finish captures the layered beauty of timeworn surface with a smooth, lustrous quality, lending antiqued character and rustic sophistication to any room. If you are a homeowner in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez we can Venetian plaster your walls to this elegant plastering finish. We also offer Venetian plaster in Los Angeles areas.

Professional Venetian Plaster Applicators In Santa Barbara

The application is very labor-intensive. It takes a lot of skill and hard labor and experience to achieve a high gloss polish finish like marble. For this type of polish plastering application you need a Faux Painting Company or Decorative Plastering Company. Our decorative plasters work in the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez areas. We also make it easy for customers to choose the right style decorative Venetian plaster for their rooms.


Different Venetian Plastering Techniques to Choose From

Venetian plaster gives a classic old world finish to the surface of the walls or ceiling, by producing an attractive and elegant three-dimensional finish that enhances both the light and dark tones of the same color. The result is an aged marble-like look. The marble-like look gloss finish on the plaster, is a result from burnishing or polishing the Venetian plaster. The more polish the plaster is the more glass like finish effect you get. But also a flat more uniform finish can be done without using a burnishing technique. And there is more techniques, color combinations, and different textures that a Faux Painting Company can do for your custom Venetian plastering project. So if you need a decorative Venetian plastering finish call Faux Painting Company of Santa Barbara & Montecito.


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The walls look like marble. Richard did a superb job with the Venetian plastering. I highly recommend him. And his great to work on design ideas.   Loren Philips

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